Traveling studio for all occasions

Parties start at $200 for up to 8 artists, $25 for each additional artist. A Joy Art Studio bring all supplies, including paint, paintbrushes, easels, 11x14” canvases, paint plates, water cups, aprons, and table coverings to a location of your choice. A custom painting can be created based on the theme of the party, or other interest.

Paintings usually take roughly 1.5 hours. We usually spend time doing the background/large areas, take a break for food so that paint can dry, then finish up details. I recommend to planning about 2.5 hours total for a party to allow time for cake.

Adult parties are also available for $35 per artist, 5 person minimum. Adults create a 16x20 canvas. 

***Virtual parties now available***

Virtual parties start at $200 for 10 artists, $20 for each additional artist. All virtual parties take place over Google Meet, with 2 cameras focused on the painting process. A Joy Art Studio packages paint, paintbrushes, easels, and canvases for easy distribution for invitees. Paint brushes and easels will need to be returned after the party, or for an additional fee, can be kept by guests. 



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